Technology(Summer/Industrial training) Duration
Core JAVA   30 Days
Advance JAVA   30 Days
Core + Advance JAVA(J2SE+J2EE)   45 Days
Hibernate + Struts + spring 30 Days
PHP with Framework 30 Days
PHP with Web designing

 30 days

Android   30 Days
.NET(C# + ASP.NET)   45 Days
.NET(C# + ASP.NET) + MVC   60 Days
Python   30 Days
Embedded System + robotics   30 Days
Embedded System + ‘C’ Lang   45 Days

 25 Days

Metlab   25 Days
Tally   45 Days
Advance Tally   60 Days
Tally +  Advance Tally + GST   90 Days

Who says only the people who do not have much knowledge only needs extra assistance? I say, no. It is not necessary that the people that are not good with practical skills or lag somewhere in knowledge only needs people to help them because even the experts of industries needs people that can bring them out of the problems they face. So, who are these people that people even experts? These professional industrial training institutes and consultancies are always ready to help those who are in need.

These institutes and consultancies do not only provide the necessary training but they also provide the best solution to their clients. That is why, they are so famous amongst the industrial sector because whether is the financial issue or something like technical problem they provide the best they can with the help of their experts and mind it their experts are not saying experts but they are good at bugging and debugging things.

The people who do not need anyone's help goes to them when are in technical problem because they know the answer which they will not get from anywhere will get it here and Shri Balaji infotech is known for its services.


During this training, the students are exposed to live projects, which are running in the college campus or offsite. The students can learn and implement them in real time environment.


If you opt for six-month training, the students are given the exposure to the live projects. Besides that, we impart knowledge in students in such a manner that they are capable of taking up interviews in an effective manner.


We also work as consulting agencies and offer live project training to our students where you can get all sorts of technical solutions. If you have made any application and everything is correct. However, only one thing may create some problem, which is out of your knowledge, and you have already lot of time in debugging it but you did not get any satisfactory result so in this case, you can ask for the help from these consulting agencies and they will get you out of this.


At Ducat industrial training programs provide training on advanced courses so that one can get the necessary knowledge to develop any program or app. It is not necessary that the person who wants to work on any application should have complete knowledge about developing it because unless you take training it is not possible to be expert of it and developing an app is not difficult but developing advanced and that too flawless app is really difficult. Therefore, we help by providing training of the advanced courses so that you can go hand in hand with the demand of industry.

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