1-Introduction of   Computer

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • History, Characteristics of Computer System
  • A-Basic Application of Computer System
  • Components of Computer System
  • Central Processing Unit
  • Keyboard, Mouse and VDU
  • Input and Output Device
  • Computer Memory
  • B-Concept of Computer Hardware and Software
  • C-Representation of Data Information
  • D-Application of IECT

2: Introduction to GUI based Operating System

  • Basics of Operating System
  • Basics of Popular Operating System (Linux, Windows)
  • The User Interface: Task Bar, Icons, Start Menu, Running an Application
  • B- Operating System Simple Setting
  • Changing System Data and Time
  • C-File and Directory Management

3: Elements of Word Processing

  • A-Word Processing Basics
  • Opening and closing Documents, Opening Document, Save and Save as
  • Page Setup, Print, Print Preview, Printing of Documents
  • B-Text Creation and Manipulation
  • Editing, Text Selection, Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Font and Copy and Paste , Alignment of Text
  • C-Formatting the Text,  Table Manipulation

4-Spread Sheets

  • A-Elements of Electronic Spread Sheet
  • Opening of Spread Sheet, Addressing Cells
  • Printing of Spread Sheet , Saving Workbooks
  • B-Manipulation of Cells
  • Entering Text , Number and Date Dates
  • Createing Text, Number and Date Series
  • Editing Worksheet Data,  Inserting and Deleting Row, Column
  • Changing Cell Height  and Width
  • Function and Charts,  Using Formulas
  • Function, Charts

5- Introduction of of Interview, WWW and Web Browsers

  • A-Basics of Computer Networks
  • B-Internet, Services of Internet
  • C-Preparing Computer for Internet Access
  • Introduction of HTML
  • Search Engines, 

6: Communication and Collaboration

  • A-Basics of Email, Email Addressing, Configuration Email Client
  • B- Using Emails, Opening Email Client
  • Mailbox,  Creating and Sending a new Email
  • Handling SPAM
  • Instant Messaging and Collaboration
  • Using Smiley
  • Internet etiquettes

7: Application of Presentation

  • A-Basics of Microsoft Power Point
  • Using PowerPoint
  • Creating of a Presentation
  • Creating a Presentaion using a Template
  • Creating a Blank Presentation
  • Entering & editing text, Inserting & Deleting Slides
  • Prepration of Slides, Inserting Word Table or Exel Worksheets
  • Adding Clip Art Picture
  • Inserting Other Objects
  • Adding Movie and Sound
  • Adding Headers & Footers
  • Running a Slide Show
  • Transition & Slide Timing
  • Automating a Slide Show

8: Application of Digital Financial Services

  • A-Why Saving are Needed?
  • B-Emergencies
  • C- Future Needs
  • D- Large Expenses
  • E- Drawbacks of keeping Cash at Home CCC
  • Why Bank Is Needed?
  • Banking Products
  • Documents for Opening Accounts
  • I-Banking Service Delivery Channels
  • Insurance
  • Various Chemes
  • Bank On Your Mobile

9: Keyboard Shortcuts, Abbreviations & Terminologies

10: Multiple Choice Questions & Practice Set (English)

Multiple Choice Questions & Practice Set(Hindi/English)

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